Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ab Doer Twist and It's Fast Growing Epidermic

Ab Doer Twist is catching the TV market by a storm. Everyone is growing crazy about it. I was hypnotized at first watching the video because of all the hot looking models using the machine.

Is that what advertising has come to? Using the weak spot of men and women?


Notice how distracting this is..?

I then realized how wrong these informecials are. I mean think about it. Where do these people (in the transformation results section of the video) get tight and muscular arms by simply working the abs?

I've never seen such a magical thing happen. Is it really magical or scentifically proven? I don't think both will answer your question if you actually END UP BUYING this machine.

Seriously, don't waste your house space, time and money in purchasing this device if you are overweight and looking to lose A LOT OF weight fast. This machine is great PROBABLY for strengthing your core and abs but there is no point if you have a lot of fat covering it from your body.

Best approach to lose fat?

Total body workouts that actually stimulate fat loss throughout the body. There is no equipment need either. If you want more details on what this workout is, watch the video below or go to my detailed review of Ab Doer Twist.

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